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If you a are fan of the British actor Jeremy Brett (1933-1995), best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Granada Television's adaptation of the stories, then we are very pleased to make your acquaintance.

RULE #1:

This community is for fans of Jeremy Brett's talent and work. You may not discuss his illness, his private life, nor his sexuality here. Any posts of this nature which are submitted shall be refused.


No COMPLETE episodes of "Sherlock Holmes" (or other programs), or COMPLETE movies may be posted, even in parts. With reagards to audio, things such as "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes", which have never been released may not be posted.

If you would like to post a photograph which is from GettyImages, WireImage, or another Stock Photography site, please purchase the license to do so first.

Lastly, please precede or follow-up your media posts by/with a Disclaimer.
(Example: you have posted a screencap from a BBC Play of the Month. Please state that it is from "BBC Play of The Month").


Remain polite at all times with other users. Do not spam, insult, or attempt to impose an opnion at the risk of offending or upsetting others.


You must be a member of this Community to post and comment. All posts must be in ENGLISH.

By joining this community, you acknowledge having read the rules and having agreed to abide by them.


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