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If you are fan of the British actor Jeremy Brett (1933-1995), best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Granada Television's adaptation of the stories, then we are very pleased to make your acquaintance.

Before joining and/or posting to our community, please make sure you have read the rules listed in the User Info section. The rules apply to both this community, and our sister-comm, brett_holmes.


Moderator Note: Clarification of Rule #2

It would seem that one of the rules of this Community, that being Rule #2 as stated in the "User Info", is not clear, and that some people are under the impression that I will not allow any photos, video or audio in this community.

My apologies if the wording sounded too complicated, but when one works, in one's regular job, in such circles, one does not always notice such things.

In any case, here is a clarification of Rule #2 (also updated in "User Info"):

You may post pictures in this Community. However, no FULL episodes of "Sherlock Holmes" (or other programs), or COMPLETE movies may be posted, even in parts. For audio, things such as "The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" audio, which have never been released may not be posted.

If you would like to post a photograph which is from GettyImages, WireImage, or another Stock Photography site, please purchase the license to do so first.

Lastly, please preceed or follow-up your media posts by/with a Disclaimer.
(Example: you have posted a screencap from a BBC Play of the Month. Please state that it is from "BBC Play of The Month").

This kind of rule is enforced on some (not all) external forums involving a number of topics.  It is not specific to my community!

Community Topics:

"Jeremy Brett: A Journey Through Time"

From "Svengali" to "Sherlock Holmes", and then on to one last performance in "Moll Flanders", this video charts the outstanding performances of one of Britain's best-loved actors.

No copyright infringement was intended with our creation of this video. Please see below for the full Disclaimer.


A nice photo

I'd like to share this photo of Jeremy.  It's not a rare one by any feat but it is one of my favourites.  I'm not sure why.  I just like the general feel of the photo.

This photo is from Starfetch (www.starfetch.com).  It was also shared in ALLEN, Charles L., PRITCHARD, Linda, A Pictoral Tribute to Jeremy Brett.  The Definitive Sherlock Holmes, Paradise Books, London, 2001, p. 97.

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An Outstanding Actor

Well... I was not aware earlier on today that I was going to be watching one of Jeremy's performances this evening.  I didn't know that ITV3 were showing Sherlock Holmes on Thursday evenings.

Anyway it turned out to be "The Dying Detective" from The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.  It is a long time since I've watched anything from that last series.  Therefore it is also a while since I've seen Jeremy Brett looking so ill, as I prefer to watch him in happier times.  But it is a good story, and such a "thrill" to watch.  A thrill because it is such an outstanding performance, especially when he is convincing Culverton-Smith and everyone else around him that he has the infectious Sumatran Fever. 

I love actors and performances that I can't take my eyes off, and I I certainly saw one tonight.  Such a pleasure to see someone giving it their all when they are not in the best of health.  Absolutely first class!

Community Topics:

Greetings and Introduction

Greetings, everyone!

To start off with, I thought it would be suitable for all of us to briefly introduce ourselves and mention how we learned about Jeremy Brett--you can either comment to this post or make your own separate post.

I suppose I'll go first, as I proposed the topic...;)

I first heard about the Granada series through fanfiction--several excellent authors on the fanfiction.net site had mentioned the series, so I was curious and looked it up on YouTube. I've liked Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories for a number of years, but Granada was the second TV interpretations I'd seen (the first being the Russian SH series, which I had seen a few months before I heard of Granada). I was immediately impressed with the Granada series overall, and particularly with the actors playing Holmes and Watson--it was as if they had stepped directly out of the pages of Doyle's stories.

I was interested in learning more about the actor who has played Sherlock Holmes so remarkably well, so I watched his interviews on YT and read some articles and books about him, as well as watched a few other films with him since.

Well, that's it, in brief.

On a final note, please spread the word about this comm--in your journals, communities, if you have friends who might be interested...:)

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