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"Acting Hazard Not in Script"

from Sunday Independent, July 4, 1961
title: "Acting Hazard Not in Script"

 London (AP) Hamlet and Laertes were battling away at the Strand Theater Monday night when Hamlet's sword flashed through the air and landed in the lap of the girl sitting in the front row.

Hamlet and Laertes were frozen in midflight.

 The girl stood up and graciously handed Hamlet back his sword. The fight went on.
"The girl saved the situation and when we took a curtain call, I blew her a kiss," said Hamlet, actor Jeremy Brett

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May. 5th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
Oh that is a lovely story! I am in good company then. My broomstick in Wizard of Oz was falling apart and bits of broomstick went flying into the audience. And i thought to myself the show must go on regardless!
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